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Connor Bracken and The Mother Leeds Band
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Connor Bracken "Nightbird Motel" Live Stream Concert

Connor Bracken and The Mother Leeds Band are pleased to announce the release of their second studio album "Nightbird Motel" on Friday 25th September 2020. To celebrate the release the band are taking to the airwaves to play the entire album live from top to bottom.


Connor Bracken and the Mother Leeds Band play the rock and roll music and are based in Asbury Park, New Jersey. With their tenacious live performances, the MLB has cemented their standing as Asbury Park's emissary of rock and roll.

The band initially opened eyes and ears in 2016 with their first full-length album “The Light In The Day.”  Recorded live in the studio on April 9th, 2016, includes ten rock songs, and proves that you don't need more than a day to produce a great album.

Classic Rock Magazine and SiriusXM Radio featured the band, which helped kick open the door to the rest of the country.  For the past two years, the band toured the east coast of America, and in 2019, released a live album entitled “Wonderful Year.”

With the upcoming release of their eagerly awaited new album “Nightbird Motel”, front man and guitarist Connor Bracken, drummer Rich Seyffart, guitarist Jeff Linden and bassist Chris Dubrow make up a line-up that is primed for the bigger and better in 2020 and beyond.

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