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Special Guest on Dan Patlansky's
April 2022 UK Tour,

New Album "Analog Girl In A Digital World"
Available HERE

is Available from BRIAN MAY GUITARS

Arielle is pleased to confirm that she will be special guest on Dan Patlansky’s April 2022 UK tour. Tickets go on sale at 10am UK on Monday June 7th from, and

The news follows the release of Arielle’s second single “Inside & Outside” that was released on Friday April 16, 2021. The single coincided with the news of livestream sessions that she will undertake on June 17, July 22, and August 19. Tickets are available from

Arielle’s new album ‘Analog Girl In A Digital World’ is available on vinyl and CD from

“When I was recording the new album ‘Analog Girl In A Digital World’, I thought this was the closest song in sound and production that I got to what my goal was in my head,” reflects Arielle. “Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Rumours’ meets something new. The song is about finding the balance between the external, dense physical world we live in, as well as countering it with the spiritual and emotional connection of love.”

Arielle’s four livestreaming sessions will enable fans to experience four completely different concerts with full album run-throughs, in-studio recordings, acoustic storytelling sessions and much more. Each livestream will be broadcast in North America and the UK at 8pm local time.  A portion of the proceeds from the livestreams will go to Arielle’s “The Tonewood Forest” nonprofit, a charity that conserves the life and well-being of trees.

For the first two streaming sessions, Arielle will perform her new album ‘Analog Girl In A Digital World’ and previous album ‘Suspension/Dimension’ front to back.

Says Arielle, “Since touring is out of the question, I wanted to make sure people could experience these albums the way they were intended.  Both albums feature succinct stories from beginning to end. During the livestreams, I will be speaking about the meaning of the songs, and some of their deeper history to take people on a journey that has yet to be told about both albums, maybe even beyond what I could do live.”

Photo Credit: © Caitlin Brady

Arielle is a 21st century classic rock artist who recorded half of the new album in digital, and the other half in tape, to try and capture the impact the music of the 60’s and 70’s had on her.

As a writer, guitarist, and vocalist, when Arielle produced this album, she insisted on recording each song in one take. Recording the album in studios in Nashville and Austin, Texas, Arielle’s main objective was to capture the energy of each city and their musicians.

Photo Credit: © Caitlin Brady

The album features her new guitar, “The BMG Arielle,” released by Brian May Guitars in March 2021. Arielle will plant a tone-wood tree in honour of the first 24 guitars sold. The first batch of guitars sold out in 90 minutes. Order the guitar HERE

"This is the very first guitar that Brian May guitars has ever offered that is not based on my original Red Special,” says Brian May. “Designed by and named after Arielle, it’s a new dimension. To understand why this guitar was irresistible to me, you need to hold her in your hands. The guitar is light, and smooth and agile. She sings like a bird.” 

Photo Credit: © Caitlin Brady

Continues Brian, “Arielle is an awesome musician. She is a truly phenomenal player, with an ability to produce the most beautiful tones as well technical mastery.  Of course, it is in the fingers, but I was keen to discover how she had fashioned her own instrument to achieve her sound.  We collaborated in making the Arielle a new mission to guitarists everywhere - to open up a new door to excellence!” 

“Arielle’s playing reaches places I never knew existed,” says Brian. “I believe this guitar will do the same.” 

Arielle is a young woman who was born in the wrong generation. At times facing depression in being a child of the new millennium versus the boom of musically creativity that emerged in the Sixties and thrived through the Seventies. And on a broader basis, a time even earlier where things were done by hand, with a level of craft that could not be hidden behind technology.

“I take and protect those principles inside my music,” says Arielle.  The new album takes you on a journey through the trials, tribulations, and confusion of an old-school artist in a fast-paced world.


Arielle – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitar, Synths, Harmonium
Justin Weaver - Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar
Kate Haldrup - Drums
Michael Davila - Drums
Bill Levsey - Keyboards, Piano, Synths, Organ, Rhodes, Harmonium
AJ Vincent - Hammond, Piano, Synths
Nick Byrd – Bass Guitar
Devin North – Bass Guitar
Guthrie Brown - Backing Vocals

Engineered by:
Chris Mara (Welcome to 1979, Nashville, TN)
Michael Wagener (Wireworld, Nashville, TN)
Frenchie Smith (The Bubble, Austin, TX)
Assistant Engineer - Jeremy Bernstein (Welcome to 1979)

Mixed by - Chris “Frenchie” Smith
Mix Assisted - Christopher Messina & Jas Nowicki
Mastered by Dave McNair


1. Dialup
2. Digital World
3. Peace of Mind
4. This Is Our Intervention
5. Still A Man
6. Inside & Outside
7. I’d Rather Be In England
8. Living In A Fortress
9. Reimagine Redefine


A familiar sound only some of us remember, with a strong message. Where would music be without the internet?

Warm analog sounds and lyrics explaining the wondrous time where communication was direct without a reliance on phones. Where times were slower and meant more.

This song’s a reminder of the potentiality of a moment. “It could break you, but it very well might free you.”

When writing the lyrics, I was articulating how uneasy I am with the thought humans have somehow inherited that we must work relentlessly at something we hate, make money, and eventually die. This is for the people who desired and longed for something different, but just needed a sign or an intervention.

There are undeniable challenges in the male/female dynamic in the music business and in general. “Still A Man,” is merely my moment to share a shoutout to all whom have navigated less than ideal experiences.

What we all see on the outside is one of our most cherished and cared for areas in our society. Enough merit is not given, in my humble opinion, to the interior heart of a person.  This song is about that duality between the physical and the ethereal. 

“A simple song for my love of England. I have always had a complete fascination and near obsession since I was six years old. The fun part is the solo in the middle where my British musical roots and my American ones has a conversation. A little ditty dual!

Everyone has an opinion no one asks for, yet most seek acceptance from. I want to hide under a rock somewhere, away from all the chaos.

I wanted to trip you out and make you feel like you are on a safe healthy drug, and that you are in control. Open your mind. Reimagine time and life as we know it. A reboot of the mind. A calibration of the soul.

Photo Credit: © Caitlin Brady

Dan Patlansy
March/April 2022 UK Tour

with Special Guest "Arielle"

24 HR BOX OFFICE: 0844 478 0898,

Southampton, 1865

Thursday 31st March 2022

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Brunswick Square, Southampton, SO14 3AR

Norwich, Waterfront Arts

Friday 1st April 2022

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139-141 King St, Norwich, NR1 1QH

Newcastle, The Cluny

Saturday 2nd April 2022

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34 Lime St, Ouseburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE1 2PQ

Glasgow, Òran Mór

Sunday 3rd April 2022

24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Venue: 141 357 6200
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Top of Byres Road, Glasgow, G12 8QX

Sheffield, Greystones

Tuesday 5th April 2022

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Greystones Road, Sheffield, S11 7BS

Bristol, Exchange

Wednesday 6th April 2022

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72-73 Old Market, Bristol, BS2 0EJ

Leeds, Brudenell

Friday 8th April 2022

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33 Queen's Rd, Burley, Leeds, LS6 1NY

Leek, Foxlowe Arts

Sunday 10th April 2022

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Stockwell St, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 6AD

London, Garage

Tuesday 12th April 2022

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20-22 Highbury Corner, London, N5 1RD

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